Commercial Photography  - Better Photos means Better Business


A photo is said to be worth a 1000 words, but a really good photo means more business.  Your products, people and business deserve great photography.  Fine images enhance the perceived value and appeal of your business, institution or NGO.  They help you attract more new customers, sell more of your products and services, and, in the end, achieve your mission.  All of which makes quality photography a worthwhile invesment.


Our commerical services include photography of people, products and architecture.  We have a full-service studio for people and product photography, and can provide our services at your location.  We photograph individuals and groups, events, as well as on-site portraits and action shots.  Standard headshots are $150.  On-site photography starts at $500.  We can photograph products in our studio, at a studio set up at your location, or in use at just about any location.  And finally, we can photograph interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial buildings.  Rates start at $500 for a single-visit and handful of views.  Hourly rates for photography are $150 per hour and $75 per hour for post-processing and file preparation.


We also offer a package for photography at your location.  For $995, you get up to 6 hours of photography which can include your people, products and location.  All post processing and file prep is included, and you get a complete set of files. This gives you a complete body of work for your website and marketing, and saves you a lot of time.


Most photography is done with a 50 megapixel camera, which means you get large, high-quality files for the best output.  After making the photographs, we optimize the images in the digital darkroom.  This includes adjusting perspective, color correction,

and anything else needed to make a great image.  We then create a set of files that include ones optimized for the web, optimized for print use, and full-sized TIFF files.  You are assigned unlimited, perpetual usage rights to all images.  We can also create just about anything you might need including postcards, folding notecards, display prints, printed portfolios, coffee-table books and more.


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Great photographs for your life, business or publication

Photography by Mark Gardner

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